1. We’re sisters (that are so freakishly alike that we should have been identical twins). I like milk, she likes oats.

2. This is our food/exercise blog.

3. We’re from Florida, where the majority of the time it’s hot, humid, and absolutely gorgeous…which we sadly cannot say about our hair the majority of the time…

4. We like to race. We run 5Ks most of the time, but we’re known to throw a few longer distances in there.

5. We’re willing to try any food whatsoever, as long as it’s good for us.

6. We don’t obsess over exercise, but we work our butts off, just cause it’s fun! (that’s not sarcasm, I promise. Repeat after me: Exercise can be fun!)

7. We can’t think of anything else, but 7 is God’s number of perfection in the Bible (look it up, it’s there!), so we’ll stop here. LOL


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