The space in between us…

…has been far too much lately! (The Space In Between Us is a song title, by the way.)
I’m back at college for summer classes, so posting has realllllyyyy slooooowwwwed doooowwwwwn =( I’m sorry for not posting for so long!! I have a lotta blog guilt. I’m really going to make an effort to keep posting, it just won’t be as regularly as before. However, I won’t continue my lengthy apology/intro. I know those get old.

Right now I’m studying for my chemistry class (taking that and Anatomy & Physiology right now) so my mind is buzzing with names of polyatomic ions o_O I never really memorized them in high school, so I have to work HARD to learn them like the back of my hand now.
The chocolate covered raisins I just made are helping a lot =D

Lately I’ve been frustrated with my workouts. Since our race on Saturday (which went really, really well!), I haven’t run. My calves hurt SO bad the next two days (Sun. and Mon.) that I rested them intentionally…but with my new school schedule I would have to run in the dark (5:30am) and I don’t really prefer that plus any time after 7:00am is way too hot to run, so I haven’t run at all, which makes me sad =( Not to mention I feel extremely out of shape (not just because of the running…there are a lot of reasons). I’ve been hit-and-miss lifting weights and biking in the evenings…I really haven’t enjoyed that. Normally, I love biking, but this week it was really hard for me, and I’m not sure why. I’m just feeling kind of so-so about my workouts, like I’m not giving them my all or enjoying them as much as I have in the past.

My plan to kick start my motivation is to do one of Jillian Michael’s DVDs tomorrow morning (which I love/hate because of they make me feel great but they’re HARD), and run on Saturday morning at my favorite time (6:30am)!!

And as for food, I’m also really looking forward to trying a salmon fritatta tomorrow morning! I think I’ll be okay (back to exercise motivation)…I just have to plan better and get used to my new class schedule.

Here are some pics of our meals since the last post. Enjoy!

Good night!

[[John 17:23]]

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