Ducks, oatmeal, and cupcakes

I must be in a blogging mood to be writing today’s 3rd post at 1:30 in the afternoon! There’s just so much going on today that another post is already necessary.

Right after this morning’s post, I did take a walk to feed my favorite ducks. Our neighborhood has a couple of ponds close together, and over 30 ducks live in the ponds! I fed them about once a week during spring semester, but I’ve been every day since school is out. My sister thinks I’m crazy for liking ducks so much, but they’re so cute and friendly, too–they come right up to us when we bring food =D

Awwww! They’re so cute!! *clears throat* Okay, let’s talk about food.

Because I missed my between breakfast and lunch snack, I was really hungry at lunch time. So I put off the new macaroni and cheese dish I wanted to make until tonight and made Caitlin’s Warm Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal for lunch.

Doesn’t that look yummy? It was 😉 I loved the way the pancake mix held it all together, but I think I’d try chocolate protein powder next time for more sweetness.
This meal totally cured my apple pie craving!

Vanessa had a quesadilla with white beans, cheese, spinach, and salsa:

And now she’s working on Carrot Cake Cupcakes!! I cannot wait to try those! I think I’ll head to the kitchen to see how they’re coming along…

Have a good afternoon! I’ll see you tonight with my own Mac and Cheese recipe and pictures of CUPCAKES!

[[1 John 4:19]]

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