Awesome new dinner!

Let’s back up to last night, because dinner was SO delicious it must be shared! We used a recipe from May’s issue of Fitness magazine called Cheesy Turkey Meatballs.

It was really easy to make (Vanessa and I worked together, which cut down on the work) and was done in about half an hour. The recipe calls for mozzarella cheese inside the meatballs to which I said, “Yeah right! Goat is my mozzarella!

Here’s the final product:

After I took the first bite I actually said, “Wow, this is really good!” out loud! lol I’m just sad I couldn’t finish it…this meal was SO filling!

A close-up of the meatballs:

I had a piece of chocolate for dessert afterward, and a small bowl of cereal before bed (a couple hours after eating the huge dinner I was hungry again). In fact, I ate the cereal at the same time I read the Fitnessista’s post on breakfast before bed!

My brother and I ran about 3.8 miles before dinner (it was actually not too muggy outside! But I still sweat like a beast) and I was so glad we did. I almost decided not to, but I asked myself, “Why don’t you want to run?” and I could think of no good reason, whereas when I think about reasons to run there are SO many (I feel amazing after running, I get stronger, I need to train for Miles for Moffitt, etc.).
The only problem was that when I got back from running, my entire body ached…I know I wasn’t using my arms to help me run faster or anything (which is known to make your arms sore) because I ran just like I normally do and normally I’m not sore at all. And I didn’t lift weights the day before, either.

I’m guessing the soreness is because I haven’t been getting enough sleep the last few days (I go to bed late and have a hard time sleeping in. Once I wake up, I stay up because I just don’t fall asleep) and just feel sluggish all over. Number one on my to-do list today is getting to bed by 9pm!

For breakfast today I had a smoothie (typical for summer!! It tastes so good on warm mornings) and a crunchy granola bar on the side! I put almond butter on top ❤

And my sister had her granola bar over a pineapple Choboni with egg whites on the side:

Now I’m headed out for a walk to feed the duckies (I’ll take some pictures for you!) and later today, I’ll put up a post on how I plan meals for the week and grocery shop (two of my favorite “chores”).

I leave you with a picture of our cat looking very smug:

[[John 11:25-26]]

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