Recap and a recipe review

So, I had a bunch of words here, but WordPress deleted them >:-/ Anyway, this is gonna be a long post with lots of pictures!!

Like I mentioned in the last post, we visited some out-of-town friends last night and played whiffle ball with their church. It was SO much fun! Even for someone who previously thought she didn’t like whiffle ball…I think I changed my mind! First, our classic “driving picture”:

Whiffle ball!

Me and a soda (not mine…we were taking turns listening to the fizz)

After getting home late-ish (10 is late for me…I love to get up early but that requires getting to sleep on time!), it was hard to get out of bed this morning! But I had a super-important appointment with my little sister (not Vanessa) for an early AM photo shoot. We got some beautiful pictures!

I felt so accomplished after getting her pictures taken and washing my car this morning (it really, really needed it. REALLY bad). Then I started cooking…!
My first recipe was from Shawna over at BalancingMe. I love trying new granola recipes! This one was relatively easy, and it tastes SO good!
On to the pictures:

^^ I didn’t have dried apricots or cherries, so I used cranberries and goji berries instead.

^^ Dry ingredients + fruit (I loved the addition of chia seeds here!)

^^ The “glue” boiling! That was fun to watch =D

While that was baking…I started working on a frittata recipe I found on Shawna’s blog, as well.

Whenever a recipe starts with vegetables sautĂ©ed in a skillet, it’s gonna be good =D

I loved the idea of putting quinoa on top! We had the granola bars and frittata for lunch.

The bars turned out SO well! They have a great crunchy texture, but they aren’t hard to chew, and they’re sweet without being TOO sweet. I will definitely make these again, and probably add more coconut (I had a little less than 1 c. to put in) and more dried fruit (and will buy apricots and cherries because they would be so good in this. I wish I’d had them this time!). I actually went back for more granola while I was writing this post…LOL

Up next, I’m gonna write for Story a Day, then read for a while. I’m reading Seasons in Basilicata by David Yeadon, who lived in a obscure little village in Italy for a year and wrote about the people there. I would LOVE to visit Italy one day (hoping to do a bike tour).

We’re planning to run later today when it gets cool outside (yay!)…as training for Miles for Moffitt next Saturday! I can’t wait for this race, partly since when I ran it last year, I had been over training and couldn’t run my best. I’m hoping to do a lot better now since I’m rested. We’re doing the 5 mile race =D How exciting is that? Posting my first race recap for the blog will be so fun!

Talk to ya later!

[[Isaiah 41:10]]

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3 Responses to Recap and a recipe review

  1. Hey Gina – so glad you liked the granola bars and frittata recipes! Yours look really delicious! I might give the goji berries a try next time I hit up Whole Foods. Aren’t the Chia Seeds the best? I was unsure of them at first, but then my husband commented that they were his favorite part.

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