Breakfast=Dessert?! I like the sound of that…

Good morning! This is Gina here (the “Oats” part of the blog name…lol).

Today’s definitely looking like a good one…I think Oh She Glows’ Banana Soft Serve Vegan Overnight Oats have something to do with that =D

Fun Fact #1: When I use the food processor in the morning, I do it in my room so I don’t wake anyone else up…

Here are the oats, first time out of the fridge since last night:

They were spilling over the edge when I mixed them!

I used chocolate protein powder and added cacao nibs before eating =] This tasted WAY too good to not be dessert!!! It really does taste like soft serve ice cream!

Unfortunately, the rest of my day looks like this:

Because of a silly thing called a “final exam” which happens to take place tonight =/

Something fun to check out:

There is an online writer’s challenge called “Story A Day May” (the name pretty much explains it) where writers aim to write a story (any length) every day this month.

There are some really great authors over there, so if you like to read and have some free time, go check it out! My personal goal is write 21 stories this month, and you can find my stories at

Talk to ya later! [[Jer. 31:3]]

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